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    Orders can be made by email (deanastock@aol.com)  and paid for by cash, check at the farm or PayPal.  Orders must be picked at the farm. Any questions call 802-363-8022.      

Updated 2/16/2024 Stockwell Farms

Winter Farm Stand Open by appointment

802-363-8022  web site is at http://www.stockwellfarms.com/available_vegetables.htm

Stockwell Farms grows certified organic vegetables, herbs and plants to provide and grow the most healthy food. They are available at the farm and online. Stockwell Farms provides delicious, safe and healthy vegetables and herbs grown organically without  pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. Organic food is not expensive! Buy our plants and grow your own! Look for low cost specials, frequently available. See the list below for vegetables and herbs currently available.    

Where is Stockwell Farms? The farm is located at 457 Diamond Pond Road, Colebrook, NH. It is 2 miles up Diamond Pond Road from route 26. Look for the greenhouse on the left. If you reach Harvey Swell Road (on the left), you just past the farm.

Only items showing a number in stock can be purchased at this time.



  SKU Price Stock Order
Vegetable and Herbs available for purchase and pick up at the farm stand        
Garkic small, each   $0.50   
Garlic, large, each   $2.00   
Garlic, large, bag of 25 (20% off)   $40.00   
Lettuce bag (growing, not ready to harvest)   $3.00   
Kale (Green Leaf & Dinosaur) 8 oz bag   $4.00   
Pumpkins, Cinderella   $6
Pumpkins, Pie   $2.00-$7.00
Spinach bag (growing, not ready to harvest)   $4.00
Ice Cream (not organic, but very good) pint   $6.00 lots 
Winter Squash, Delicata Honey Boat   $1.00
Winter Squash, Spaghetti   $2.00-$10.00   
Winter Squash, Red Kuri (small)   $1.00   
Winter Squash, Butternut (small)   $1.00   
Winter Squash, Buttercup (small)   $1.00   
Freeze Dried Vegetables       
Carrots, grated, quart   $10.00 3 
Kale, quart   $10.00 2 
Butternut squash, precooked, pint   $10.00 4 
Pie Pumpkin, precooked, pint   $10.00 4 
Tomatoes, quart   $10.00 6 
Summer squash, quart   $10.00 5 
Spaghetti squash, precooked, pint   $10.00 4 
Blue Hubbard squash, precooked, pint   $10.00 3 
Zucchini, quart    $10.00 2 
Green Beans, quart   $10.00 3 

Item Description





Plants in pots available now        
Vegetables & Herbs

Pots must be picked up at the farm stand.

Do not order if no stock shown.

Angelica SFAngelica $3.00  

Anise Hyssop SFAniseHyssop $3.00  

Basil 6" pot SFBasil $2.00  

Beefsteak tomatoes 6" pot SFBeefsteak $2.00  



Beets with greens 2" pot SFBeets $2.00  

Broccoli 6"  pot SFBroccoli $2.00  

Brussels Sprouts SFBrusselsSprouts $4.00  

Cabbage, Green, Farao 2" pot SFGcabbage $2.00  

Cabbage, Red 2" pot SFRcabbage $2.00  

Calendula SFCalendula $2.00 1

Catnip SFCatnip $2.00 1

Cauliflower 6" pot SFCauliflower $2.00  

Celery SFCelery $4.00  

Chives SFChives $2.00 2

Cilantro, Caribe SFPCilantro $2.00  

Cucumbers, Pickling SFPCuke $2.00  

Cucumbers, Slicing SFSCuke $2.00  

Dill, Bouquet SFSDill $2.00  

Echinacea, Purpurea SFEchinacea $3.00  

Eggplant  SFEggplant $2.00  

Elderberry, American Black  SFElderberry $3.00  

Fennel SFFennel $2.00    
Holy Basil SFHBasil $2.00  

Lavender SFLavender $2.00 2

Kale, Lacinato 2" pots SFLKale $2.00  

Kale, Green Leafy 6"pot SFGLKale $2.00  

Kale, Green Leafy 12" hanging pot SFGLKale12 $5.00  

Kohlrabi, Konan SFKohlrabi $4.00  

Lavender SFlavender $2.00    
Lemon Balm SFLemonBalm $2.00 1  
Lettuce, Butterhead SFButterhead $4.00  

Lettuce, Green Leaf SFGreenLeaf $2.00  

Lettuce, Red Leaf 2" pot SFRedLeaf $2.00  

Lettuce, Romaine SFRomaine $2.00  

Lovage SFLovage $3.00  

Marjoram, Wild SFMarjoram $2.00  

Marshmallow SFMarshmallow $3.00  

Mint, Licorice SFLMint $2.00  

Mustard, Red Giant SFLMustard $4.00  

Nasturtium SFNastutium $24.00  

Onions, Red 6" pot SFROnions $4.00  

Onions, Yellow 6" pot SFYOnions $4.00  

Oregano SFOregano $4.00  

Parsley, Curly SFCParsley $2.00 1

Parsnips 12" pot SFIParsnip $2.00  

Parsley, Italian SFIParsleyI $3.00  

Peppermint SFPeppermint $2.00 1  
Pepper, Sweet, Bell SFPepperBell $2.00  

Rhubarb SFRhubarb $3.00  

Rosemary, Upright SFRosemary $2.00 1

Sage SFSage $2.00 1

Sage, White SFWSage $2.00  



Spearmint SFSpearmint $2.00 1  
Spinach, Giant Winter 2" pots SFSpinach $2.00  



Scallions, Evergreen 2" pot SFScallions $2.00  

Squash, Buttercup SFButtercup $2.00  

Squash, Butternut SFButternut $2.00  

Squash, Red Kuri SFRedKuri $3.00  

Squash, Spaghetti SFSpaghetti $2.00  

Squash, Summer SFSummer $2.00  

Swiss Chard, Fordhook 6" pots SFSwissChard $4.00  

Swiss Chard, Rainbow 2" pot SFSwissChard $2.00  



Thyme SFThyme $2.00 1

Tomatoes, Black Cherry SFBlackCherry $2.00  

Tomatoes, Glacier SFGlacier $4.00  

Tomatoes, Moskvich SFMoskvich $2.00  

Tomatoes, Red Cherry SFRedCherry $2.00  

Tomatoes, Red Grape SFRedGrape $2.00  

Turnip, Purple Top White Globe SFTurnip $3.00  



Zucchini, Yellowfin SFYZucchini $2.00  

Zucchini SFZucchini $4.00  


2024 Planting has started!

Herbs & Vegetables planted for 4Q2023-4 # planted Sprouted  
Anise Hyssop        
Arnica, Mountain        
Basil, Italian Large Leaf        
Beans, Green        
Beans, Yellow        
Beets, Early Wonder Tall Top        
Broccoli, Belstar        
Brussels Sprouts        
Cabbage, Green, Farao        
Cabbage, Red, Red Integro        
Calendula, Resina (edible petals)        
Carrots, Napoli 12" pots        
Cauliflower, Skywalker        
Cilantro, Caribe        
Cucumber, Pickling        
Cucumber, Slicing, Marketmore        
Dill, Bouquet      

Echinacea, Angustifolia      

Echinacea, Purpurea      

Eggplant, Traviata        
Elderberry American Black        
Fennel, Common        
Garlic 700      
Holy Basil (Tulsi)        
Kale, Darkibor 36      
Kale, Lacinato 36      
Kohlrabi, Konan        
Lemon Balm      



Lettuce, Butterhead, Pirat 30      
Lettuce, Green Leaf, Nevada        
Lettuce, Red, New Red Fire 36      
Lettuce, Romaine, Green & Red        
Licorice Mint, Superior        



Marjoram, Wild        
Mullein, Common        
Mustard Greens, Red Giant        
Onion, red Cabernet        
Onion, yellow, New York Early        
Oregano, Greek      



Oregon Grape Creeping      



Parsley, Curly      

Parsley, Italian      



Parsnips, Halblange      

Peas, Shell      

Peas, Snow    



Peas, Sugar Snap      

Pepper, Bell      




Pumpkin, Cinderella      


Pumpkin, NE Pie      


Radish, Daikon      



Sage, White      

Saint John's Wort      

Savory, Winter        
Scallions 100      
Spinach, Giant Winter 400      
Squash, Blue Hubbard        
Squash, Buttercup        
Squash, Butternut        
Squash, Red Kuri        
Squash, Spaghetti        
Summer Squash, Straightneck, Success        
Swiss Chard, Fordhook 36      
Swiss Chard, Rainbow 36      


Tomato, Beefsteak      


Tomato, Cherry, Black      


Tomato, Cherry, Red, Sakura      


Tomato, Glacier      


Tomato, Grape, Red Pearl      


Tomato, Grape, Five Star      


Tomato, Moskvich      


Turnip, Tokeo Market 50 50    
Zucchini, Dunja      


Zucchini, Yellowfin      




Stockwell Farm Greenhouse June 28,2010

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