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Apple Cider Vinegar testimonials

The following testimonials regarding apple cider vinegar use for heartburn and acid reflux can be found at the Earth Clinic web site


Heartburn 4 Readers have found success. Connie, from Eugene Oregon writes, "I recommend anyone with heartburn to keep ACV with cloves of garlic in the refrigerator and drink an ounce of that mixture next time it occurs. The results is almost immediate."

Ray from New York City writes, "I used to get severe heartburn after eating spicy things.
Last year a friend recommended me to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. In less than a minute the burning sensations were gone. Ever since that I have never had any burning sensations. I used to take tums and rolaids or drink milk and it would not provide fast relief."

I used to suffer from heartburn after every meal. Even after breakfast! After stumbling on ACV, I have not suffered from heartburn ever since. It has cured my sinus headaches and also a wart that I had on my finger for 5 years! ACV is better than the doctor. I don't drink ACV but rather eat about 5 tbls. of it on a cabbage salad recipe. I eat it every day."

Acid Reflux - Cures!!! 17 Readers have found success.

Rick Anderson wrote us: "I'm overweight and often have acid reflux problems. A high-protein/low carb diet definitely works for me in alleviating this acid.... but when I'm bad (eating too late at night or eating too much pastry) I have found that a small glass of apple cider vinegar and water, gulped down, momentarily makes the burning in my esophagus worse--- but then seems to completely get rid of the acid condition. I've tried this several times and each time the results were the same. Rolaids work by neutralizing acid; does vinegar really work by adding more? I don't know, but it does work!

One more anecdote: I told someone at my job about it, and she said her grandmother used to swear by it, too: a swig of vinegar helped acid indigestion. She also told me that in the "old days" people would swig some vinegar to see if they had strep throat-- if it burned like hell when it hit the back of the throat, they had it! I would imagine that the acid in the vinegar helped treat the strep, too."

BettyLou writes, "My husband and I have been using vinegar for a long time and we swear by it. My husband has been on every thing for his acid reflux problem and nothing works but this vinegar."

Bob, from Princeton, NJ writes, "You need to get real apple cider vinegar. Heinz is not real. Go to a health food store - even GNC has ACV w/mother. (Mother is the sediment at the bottom).

Shake well. Add one teaspoon to a glass and add a little less than a mouthful of distilled water. I also add a few drops of cayenne to it. If you have RAW organic honey - a bit of that mixed in can make it taste better. Drink this 10 minutes before meals. Do not drink any more liquid until at least 30 minutes after eating.

Anyone I know who does this no longer has ANY need for Prevacid, etc."

Jessica, from Escondido, CA writes, "I just read your web site. I have had acid reflux for over a year, and I have refused to take meditation, just using Altoids to try to help it and Milk of Magnesia, but still it didn't go away. I began taking vinegar and honey twice a day for the last two days, and now food doesn't burn when it goes down, and the pain is gone."

Rasheeda, from Arlington TX writes, "I had a very bad case of acid reflux. No over the counter medicine worked. I then remembered an article I read that apple cider vineger cures acid reflux. I took two tablespoons 3 times that day and the acid reflux went away."

Casper, from Stockbridge, GA writes, "I have been using Apple Cidar Vinegar for a week now, and it has completely cured my acid reflux. I have been on Preacid for almost eight years now... I am slowly wheening myself off of it. We will see."

Frank, from Bellflower, CA writes, "Right now I thank the Lord for this web site. I was at the end of the road. I tried everything. I could not go a day without having a attack of reflux. On Saturday I was at church and my heartburn and reflux was so bad, my right arm was numb. Many nights I end up spitting up on the side of the bed. I had over 10 bottles of omeprazole from the V.A. hospital that helped for the moment."

Larry, from Bellwood, Illinois writes, "Recently, I started taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar twice a day, to help with my life long acif reflux. I had heard that my medication was in fact stopping my natural production of stomach acid, and that the avc would supply me with the natural amounts need for proper digestion.

I have now been two weeks free without my pepcid or tums. I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER, AND AM NOT AFRAID TO GO TO BED AT NIGHT WITHOUT A PEPCID.

I know that some will not believe my comments, but as a licensed practing attorney at law, I stand by what I experienced."

Tracy, from Oklahoma City, OK writes, "I take one apple cider vinegar pill a day and have not had to take my acid reflux RX since."